1959 Wurlitzer 2310S Restoration

I bought this in March 2011 as part of a load of Seeburgs I bought from a fellow in San Antonio. It looked pretty rough but I loved the styling so I bought it. Most people would consider it a parts machine but I like fixing up stuff that I call "a diamond in the rough". The 2310S was built in 1959, played 100 selections and had stereo sound (the "S" designation in the model number). Other models in 1959 included the 2300 and 2304. The nice thing about the 2310 is that some of record magazine is still visible. For some reason, the juke manufacturers were starting to hide the mechanisms. Here is a picture prior to restoration:

Poor, poor Wurly! Who would put vine wallpaper on the sides? Maybe to hide a blemished original finish, but vines?

This picture shows the broken dome hinge panel. Not a good design and apparently many of this model suffered the same fate.

Dome Hinge Panel Repair:

I looked for a replacement on eBay for two years with no luck before deciding to try some form of repair. In the following picture, I removed the hinge panel and top to get a better idea what I was facing. I built a bracket out of 1/2" flat plate. I fastened this at the end bosses of the casting. I then attached the broken hinge bar to this, as well as the unbroken section.

And here's a picture of the repair with the hinge panel re-installed. The cracks will always be visible but the dome hinge is now solid. I'll probably fill the cracks with a silver JB type resin eventually, as this all has to come apart again down the road.

Now that the hinge bar has been successfully repaired, I need to put this project on hold while I take care of other projects. Up to now I have accumulated parts such as the speakers, new side glass, the "Wurlitzer" glass pane in the dome hinge panel, and chrome side pieces that are in better shape. The project once I get back into it will include: